Fathers Day Poems

and verses

Here you are! Fathers Day Poems and verses for your Dear Ole Dad!
They are for your free non commercial purpose.


Dear Old Dad I am so glad
That you are so special to me;
I love you very, very much
You fill my heart with glee.

Thank you, Thank you for all that you do
I really do appreciate your support;
Everything I've ever had and owned
Are all the things that you've bought!

I only have my love to give
And hope that that's enough;
To make your heart swell with pride
I know that it's been tough.

Without my Mom you've carried on
And done everything for me;
That she would have done and a whole lot more
Whilst I've sat upon your knee.

So celebrate your special day
Fathers of this world unite;
Link that love and surround us all
Everything will be alright.


Don't laugh at me because I'm a fool
and you certainly are still silly;
But I love you with all my heart
so glad you're my DAD - you silly billy.
Happy Fathers Day


One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.
English Proverb


Fathers Day Poems


A first-rater
No one's greater
Than my pater 


The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God,
and I call him Dad!
Happy Fathers Day, Dad


Thank you, Dad
Thank you, Dad
Thanks for loving me.
Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses,
Comes to you from me.
Thank you, Dad
Thank you, Dad
You are such a friend.
On this day I'd like to say,
On you I can depend.


This special Fathers Day Poem

That comes with love to you;
Brings warm and heartfelt thanks
For all the great things that you do.

It also comes to let you know
You mean more to me each day
To everyone your lives have touched
In such a loving way.
Happy Fathers Day Dad.


I never got to choose you 
But what great taste, Mum had
She picked the bestest hubby
And I got the bestest Dad
JB c 2004


As you're getting older Dad

As Fathers Day go round;

Your get up and go has got up and gone

But our love will always abound.


You have always been my idol

Building castles out of bricks;

I never could keep up with you

And what a football you could kick.

As I grew older and I got tall

I still never could attain;

The height of character like yours

Even trying I must have been insane.

I'm so proud of you dad

Patient, loving and kind;

Your virtues are my prize of choice

So my Fathers Day card I've signed.

You're the MAN!



Fathers Day Poems


It's Fathers Day, the perfect time

To let you know how grateful I am;

For everything you do

I love You Dad.


A Dad is honest
A Dad is true
A Dad is precious
My DAD is You
Happy Father's Day, YOU


Over the years as we grow old,
We remember our father so brave and bold. 
In the garden, leaning on the plow, 
He would listen to me; I see him now. 

He would give advice and understand; 
He was always there to lend a hand.
God made fathers strong and firm, 
For he knew our lives would have great concerns. 

So he gave us fathers to teach us to pray,
And guide our lives, and show us the way. 
So on his day let's take the time
To say "Thanks, dad.I'm glad you're mine." 

Mary Frances Bogle

A Dad gives hope
When life is low
A Dad's a place
Where you can go
A Dad is honest
A Dad is true
A Dad is precious
My DAD is You
Happy Father's Day, YOU

Thanks Dad for everything
....well except...
For telling me about the birds and the bees
I've been going steady with a woodpecker for the past two years!
Kiddin' Love you XXX
(Adapted from Bob Hope quote)


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