Long Way Away Poems

Long Way Away Poems reach out to the far flung parts of the planet that feel so very far. Missing those who are not close by your side?
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Long Way Away Poems

You have gone so very far away
I didn't realise how bad I'd feel;
The internet does save the day
And webcams are the real deal.

I've missed your hugs
Your smell and your kiss;
Your sense of humor though
Is what I really miss!

No matter what life throws at us
You really don't seem to worry;
You always make me feel so much better
I'm filling up and my eyes have gone all blurry.


How many more sleeps little Ava says
Before she sees her daddy;
He's been gone forever it seems
It's the first visit for the little fatty.

He's being brave and doing his job
We all know that very well;
But having him home safe and sound
Will be really swell!


Everything is only a plane ride away
However did they cope;
When even the simplest journey
Relied so much on hope.

Prior to this century
It took hours and hours;
What can now be done
Miraculously we have the powers.

Electronically speed is the word
While snail mail was all there was;
We must be grateful for what we've got
So that I can chat and see you 'cos!

In history we've learned about the wars
But behind the scenes were the families;
Whose men went off and not heard
For days and months and years.


Long Way Away Poems

This world is such a different place
To how it used to be;
It must have been so quiet then
That must have felt so free.

You are here though in the next room
But your heart and mind are not;
You're in a different place to me
In a time that has been forgot.

I can't find you though I've tried
Again and again and again;
You're there with your comrades
On the front line and in pain.


However many miles
We'll always be friends you and me;
No matter what time passes
However many waves in the sea.

We connected like no other
I think of you all the time;
The planet cannot hold us
There's nothing we can't climb.

Faraway but deep inside
Sounds very very twee;
But that is exactly where you are
In my heart and inside me!

It's about time for a holiday
I think I'll come and see;
Just how you've settled in
Your new life without me.

I belive it is exciting
Just getting there a trek;
But I'm up for that and will see you soon
(Irish) I don't give a feck!

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