Forget Me Not Poems

These Forget Me Not Poems are for memorial days or anniversaries of losing a loved one or for breaking up.
They are free for your non commercial use only.


Forget Me Not Poems


Forget me not, in the days ahead
I will be standing by your side;
In my heart and in my soul
You will always there abide.

I can see you crying and sobbing
And there's nothing I can do;
I don't know what just happened
Except that I am away from you.

Into this other world I've stepped
I'll not be here for long;
I'm waiting to see where I go from here
In a minute they will sing my song.

The angels now will care for you
Watching over you just for me;
Our love will still live on
Within our little family.


You can make me smile, one last time,
Before I fall apart.
I just want one chance to tell you what's true,
With what's left of my broken heart.
I don't want you to leave,
When I still have so much to say.
Promise you'll never forget me,
I promise I'll never forget you.
I can't help but cry as I write,
Because I know every word is true.
Never forget the smiles we've shared,
Please don't forget the memories we've made.
When you go, don't erase me,
Don't let the passions fade.
Never forget the times I've held you,
I'd do anything to hold you again.
I want you there until the very end,
Don't ever forget that I love you.
You will always be everything that shines,
I'll never forget the time I first looked at you,
And fell in love with your eyes...
Bittersweet Sundown


Forget Me Not Poems


Let Me Not Forget To Pray

Let me not forget to pray for my sisters and my brothers
So they can be forgiven their sins.
I want to see them in heaven when their time on earth ends.

Let me not forget to pray for my enemies
so they may not fall into the sea of despair.
In my father which art in heaven can forgive me of my transgressions
I can forgive them of theirs.

Let me not forget to pray for all whom I may never know
I want to hear their laughter in heaven too
Not hear their cries below


My Forget-Me-Not

It's just a little flower
But it has a great big thought;
Cos everytime you look at it
It says"Forget Me Not"
Connie VanWingerden


As we say our goodbyes,
As tears fill our eyes,
There's not a moment that passes,
Our thought of when we'll meet,
We've been together for so long,
And the love that we have still grows strong,
As we say...

Forget me not...hold on to what we believe.

Forget you, Forget you and just how would I do that?
You're found so deep down within my heart;
You're in my bones and in my matter
So if I got you out, I would die for a start.

Forgetting you is impossible
You're in absolutely everything I do;
All I think about and care about
It's all wrapped up in YOU

I couldn't forget you even if I tried
I know you'd keep on nagging;
And heal me from Alzheimers
I know you'd keep on begging!


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Forget Me Not Poems

It's just a little flower,

But it has a great big thought;

'Cause every time you look at it,

It says, "Forget me not!"
by Connie VanWingerden
When I am gone and my memories in stone.

When the day is done and you are all alone.

Forget me not for all the loving times we shared

and for wedding vows that we declared.
The children remember words you said very often

Their voices choked and becoming softened

We all love you and think of you still

We forget you not and we always will
by Maggie-May
Epitaph upon a child that died
Here she lies, a pretty bud,

Lately made of flesh and blood:

Who as soon fell fast asleep

As her little eyes did peep

Give her strewings, but did not stir

The earth that lightly covers her.
by Robert Herrick
Silently, one by one,
in the infinite meadows of heaven,

blossomed the lovely stars,

the forget-me-nots of the angels...
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Forget Me Not
Forget me not, for I am there

In the beat of your heart

On the wing of your prayer.
Forgive me my parting and leaving you thus

A joyous reunion is waiting for us!
Continue to strive toward your goal and be brave

Know that my love didn't stop at the grave
My spirit is with you through good times and bad

Know that my love didn't stop at the grave
My spirit is with you through good times and bad

I share all the joys and the sorrows you've had
Feel my presence within your next breath

And realize there's no distance in death
Ask for my help and I'll answer your call

Reach for my hand when you stumble and fall
Run the last mile with a smile on your face

My arms will be waiting when you finish the race
Always remember, my love is right there

In the beat of your heart

On the wing of your prayer.
by Linda Shelburn Reagan