Christmas Mum Dad Verses Poems

Welcome to Christmas Mum Dad Verses Poems which brings you free to use, for non commercial purposes, poems / verses suitable to send to parents at Christmas time

A very Merry Christmas 
To a lovely Mum and Dad 
Here's hoping that this year's 
Will be the best you've ever had. 
There's so much I should thank you for 
So many things you've done 
You put the warmth in Christmas 
All the laughter and the fun. 
Enjoy this special season 
And here's a Christmas toast 
To the greatest parents in the world 
The ones who mean the most


For DAD 

The Four Stages of Santa 

in Santa Claus 
You DON'T believe 
in Santa Claus 
You ARE Santa Claus 
You LOOK like Santa Claus 


Mum and Dad 

Of all the Christmas gifts I'll receive 
And of those in the past I've had 
There's none compares to the best of gifts 
That's you...thanks, 
Mum and Dad 


When I see the festive joy
That Christmas time can bring
There are so many different things
I can't help remembering.
I think about the Christmas times
We've shared within the past
That have left a wealth of memories
That in my heart will always last.
The anticipation and excitement
That I felt on Christmas Eve
Always held the kind of magic
That I hardly could believe.
Lights shining brightly
Gifts around the tree
You'll never know how very much
Such things have meant to me.
For, you're a very special Mum and Dad
On whom I may rely
To always support and guide me
As each day goes passing by.
So, Mum and Dad as Christmas time goes by
I'll be wishing just for you
All the joy and happiness
You've brought my whole life through

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